Create Your Environment

Your creativity should not be determined by the environment. I hear of these creative spaces that are supposed to make you more creative. Does this mean that my creativity is limited to a dim lit room with at least one pallet wall and all the furniture is made with gas pipe. Well, I consider myself pretty creative and that room doesn’t inspire me. In fact I very much dislike pallet walls and gas pipe is ridiculously expensive. That room also indicates that there is a barista somewhere nearby, thus bringing the cost of my creativity even higher. Don’t let the lack of creative objects around you stifle your creativity. So what if you’re in a stark white room with bad lighting. Lack only creates room for more. There really isn’t a lot needed to be creative, a time and place are the basic ones. Being truly creative is pushing past the dullness around you and pulling out what is in you. Instead let us leave an impact on the environment we leave behind.

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