Wild City

This is my wilderness
Skylines and trolly cars
Police lights and city bars
Food trucks and public parks
This is my wilderness
Business people to church goers
Prep flip to hipster hair parts
High living to homeless hearts
This is my wilderness
Sirens and car horns
Bird songs and dog barks
Car wrecks and construction sites
This is my wilderness
Bus lanes and taxi cabs
Sunglasses and tourist hats
Restaurants and beer drafts
This is my wilderness
No mountain or pasture scenes
No fresh air or trickling streams
No coyote howls or owl screams
This is my wilderness
The city may be lost for wild things
Though never short of wild dreams
In every coffee shop and in the streets
This is my wilderness
Mountains can be nice and rivers sweet
Nothing beats people being seen
Don’t forget to listen and to dream
This is your wilderness

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