I Am Flawed, He is Faithful

My first car was a Mercury Grand Marquis. I had big plans for this car. My granddad gave it to me, it was light blue and got terrible gas mileage. My first project was changing out the stereo to a retrofit iPad stand, to eliminate the need for the cassette tape to aux cord convertor. Sadly, just before I was to get this started I totaled it. To testify to the beastliness of this car, it damaged the three cars in front of me. Its safe to say my insurance rate never got very low after that. Yet, this was not the first of my many accidents. My first accident was immediately after I got my permit, due failing the driving test. We won’t go into that. After getting my permit we went straight downtown, my mom thought it would be a great idea for me to parallel park. I must admit that I was fairly confident in my ability to do this, also I’m very proficient at it now. In the middle of my 7th or 8th point in the turn a bicycle cop tapped on my window. I rolled down my window *gulp* me:”Yes sir?” Cop:”You know you just hit that car in front of you?”. Luckily he just had me leave a note on their car since they were from out of state. Out of my five years of driving, I’ve had at least 11 wrecks. From small bumps to total losses. A majority of which were in my latest vehicle, a 2005 Ford F150. It was the work truck of all work trucks. It goes without saying that I desired something better. I wanted power windows and locks, and just maybe an aux cord. Thru out my ownership of this truck I had this verse come to mind multiple times. If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities. Luke 16:10 NLT  To be honest I would beat myself up about it. I would see how other people would take care of their vehicles. I would compare myself with them and I would fall short. I wouldn’t keep my truck as clean as theirs, or keep my bumper on for as long as they would. I would disqualify myself for God to trust me with more. I replaced faithfulness with comparison. I wasn’t being asked to keep their standard of faithfulness. My truck totaled a Ford Ranger and a Honda Accord before it was taken out. This was my first accident to be determined not at fault, I sense I’m turning a new leaf. As I waited to hear back from the adjustor, God whispered two things to me. God’s faithfulness is not determined by my faithfulness, and faithfulness is not flawlessness. He showed me how He cares for me no matter my performance. Also He began to show me where I was faithful with my truck. I kept the gas tank full and kept up with regular maintenance. It was used on many outreaches and helped several people move. In the end insurance paid out 87% of what I paid originally for it and 33% more than I could have sold it for. God was faithful thru all of my shortcomings. I am now able to use the money from my truck for what God has trusted me with next.

What has God trusted you with, that you have set a man’s standard of faithfulness for?
What effort have you put towards pleasing man, where God has only asked you to trust Him?
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