Who: I love Jesus and everything I do is for His glory. I spent over 10 years in the theater and church as a carpenter, painter, and actor. I like to do things with purpose behind them, meaningless task drive me crazy. Growing up I didn’t have much access to sports or activities of the like, so art and creativity came naturally. I believe when we are young we know what love to do and we do it. As we grow older, we believe the lie that what we love is not what we’re meant to do and we don’t put the effort into it. One thing I have always loved is to play with words. Whether that is to find a deeper meaning to a phrase that someone says or write a simple poem to put a smile on someones face. This is where most of my charm and wit comes from. Even so I never dreamt writing would be a part of who I am, much less something I do for others to see. But here I am writing things on the internet for the whole world to see. Let’s see where God takes.

Why: I want to see people equipped and empowered to walk in their intended purpose.

Listening and understanding is crucial in helping another person walk in their purpose. Until you can hear where someone has come from you cannot help them get where they are going. The road blocks to your future have been set up by your past. The only way to break down those blocks is to walk through the past. Undealt with past pain will perpetuate future pain. Either to yourself or to others. The blocks you leave up will become your legacy, as well as the blocks you tear down.

Equipping – Giving the tools to walk through the past to find what needs to be healed. Along with tools to walk into the future with Hope.

Empowering – Seeing people for who they are and calling that out of them. Seeing beyond they’re actions or performance to the heart of who they really are.

Awaken the Hearts of men, for they are sleeping.
Do not let them sleep, while darkness eats our generation alive.
Awaken the hearts of men, and hear a generations voice again.
Awaken the hearts of men, and see darkness overcome by light.

If you need anything email me: conan.m.head@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. chazking says:

    Hey Conan, it’s Chaz. It’s been quite a while since we have talked! I have been keeping up with you through instagram love seeing what you are doing not only for Gateway, but for the Kingdom! I have been given the chance to come up with our stage design in our sanctuary for Journey Church and I am having trouble coming up with something that would work. I was wondering if you had any websites or things that you gather creativity and ideas from. Would love to hear back from you. God Bless.

  2. Jazzi says:

    I love your blog, it’s inspired me to read and write again. We met at the Bethel Writers conference. I’m at work right now and was feeling gloomy, God reminded me of your site. thank you for writing, I’ think I will go write now. God Bless you!

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